Bridging Language and Culture Barriers in HR and Beyond

Futuro Sólido USA supports companies that employ or sell to Spanish speakers by providing results-oriented communication, through professional translation and much more.

"I want to thank Melissa Burkhart for the outstanding job she did at Green Circle Growers in conducting two training sessions for our leadership team. The first covered cultural differences in managing and promoting Hispanic employees.  This session was well received and should lead to better cooperation among our Hispanic and non-Hispanic leadership team. The second session dealt with a key supervision topic of how to deliver negative feedback with positive results. This session reinforced the long term advantages and impacts of using a positive approach over a punishing style.


As a third benefit, Melissa really connected with our Hispanic workforce which gave us valuable insight into underlying morale issues and potential solutions.


We were very impressed with her message, style and approach and look forward to working with her again in the future."


John Ploenes

Manager Green House Operations

Green Circle Growers

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